Friday, August 10, 2012

News that makes you think

I was not going to share this information with the world, but I have now decided I am going to. Mainly because it has made me think about how fast life can change. This is the hardest blog I have had to write in a long time. I don't share a lot of personal info on here because I don't like people to pity me, but this is a big deal to me, and writing it down may help me process.

WARNING!!! If you are immature or cannot handle talking about a vagina in a non porno way stop reading now. It is about to get real and I don't mean real sexy!!

Ever since having the twins I have had some issues with my ladie parts. Mainly innapproiate bleeding during nakie time, and sometime just for fun i guess. I went to my normal doctor over a year ago and she put me back on birth control for three months. She thought maybe it was just out of whack hormones from having twins. The problem seamed to go away for a while.
Then a couple months ago it happened again. Out of no were my vaj decides to be innapproite, during nakie time...blahhhhh....

Let me tell you, not know if your vaj is going to be normal or bleed when it wants makes life so stressful. 1.I never wanna have nakie time, because it is embarrassing and weird and gross. 2. When it is not nakie time, it just sucks to bleed because your vaj hates you.

Well I went to my OBGYN Dr.Hardin, who I love!!! He has done a few tests and biopsy's and I can back with some Malignancy Neoplasm, which is a big word for cervical cancer. My Dr. thinks he can just remove the spots that test positive. We caught it at the very beginning. In all reality I should go in for my appointment, remove the bad parts and go on with my life.

I feel stupid for being so worked up about this because so many other people go thought so much more with cancer. I just have to have some of my cervix taken out. No chemo, no hair loss, no death, I have it fairly easy. It makes me feel bad for saying anything. I also have a hard time accepting other people worrying about me. I am one of thoes who like to just keep in it and roll with the punches. This is not healthy, I am stressed and that makes my Crohns act up. Getting it out is healthier in the long run.

I am sure everything will go fine and I will be fine. This has all made me realize how fast life can change and how important it is to live your life for you, not for everyone around you. It seams crazy to let this have such a huge impact on my life but it is. Going forward I am going to live life for me, I will no longer have time for drama or bullshit, and I mean it. I am going to do what makes me and my kids happy, end of story. I know this really isn't a big deal, but I could be or if I hadn't gone it really would be. Plus you never know what life will throw at you, and I never want to regret anything!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weigh in #2

I decided I will have a hot dude pic with every weigh in, you can thank me later. lol

Ok here it is...measurements after a week of taking my new supplements. If you missed my first blog about my new routine you can find it here ----->

So I didn't change anything, except taking my new supplements and I have only been taking them on the mornings I work, so Monday - Thursday.

Weight 112lb
Belly Button 31 1/2"
Hips 32 1/4"
Thigh 19"

So I lost 3lb, but remember I am not in it for weight loss, just toning up. At my belly button I lost almost 1" and at my hips i lost 3/4".
I think that this is an awesome improvement and a safe improvement. i do not think it is healthy to loose a ton of inches and weight in one week. I think a gradual loss is way better than a fast extreme one. I am even more impressed that i didn't change anything about my routine. I didn't work out more or harder. I just drank my shakes!

Yippee so excited!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My first weigh in!!!

First I wanna say your welcome for all the sexy boy just felt
Ok so here it is....I am taking supplements for the first time, and I am excited about it for the first time! I work out three times a week at least. I have been working very hard ever since having my twins to loose the baby weight. After having having the twins I knew I was having no more babies, three is plenty, so I wanted to get my body back.

I have a work out plan, one day is a quick mile like 8 minutes then legs, day two is a long run day anywhere from 3- 8 miles (just 8 for day three is a quick run and then upper body. If I work out any other time than those three days it is usually a cardio day, like walking, running ect.

I feel like I have hit a platue, I am having a hard time getting rid of the final bit of my baby pooch. Plus having Crohns I do not get many nutrients and with all the calories I burn from running I think my body has a hard time building muscle because it uses the muscle to replace what I burn. I am hungry 24/7 because of how much I burn. Being hungry this much often leads to poor food choices...which put you two step back...blah...

So on Monday I started my new it is!! its nothing crazy and i will still be eating pizza and drinking beer!! lol

Everyday for breakfast I am going to drink a protein shake called High 5. It helps promote muscle recovery and strength. It also replaces a lot of the nutrients your body needs. with that I am mixing in D-Fine 8 which helps burn fat, give you energy, and control your appetite. Than I am also mixing in Max Liqui Carn, which is liquid carnitine. Carnitine is necessary for you body to metabolize fat. It just help you body burn the fat around your muscles and get you the cut look.

All that are my measurements:

Weight 115lb (p.s this is not about weight loss mainly it is about getting that lean look)
Right under bust : 29 1/2"
@ belly button: 32 1/8"
@ hips: 32 3/4"
Thigh: 19"

Like I said this is not about loosing weight but more about getting rid of the pooch. I took some before pictures that I will share with some after pictures. I think I will weigh in every Monday.

I am super dooper excited!!! Oh and all the products I use can be found at Muscle Max. YEAH to working out and sexy boys!!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

What's in a name sex opperator edition

The other day at work I was working on my man voice..why I am not sure, but I do a lot of things that cannot be explained. I was saying "put on theis panties"  to all the boys in my best man voice. Well I descovered I do not have a great man voice, which is great news I guess. So I decided that I was gtoing to work on my sex phone opperator voice. Which lead me to decide I need a sex opperator name. While trying to come up with a name and asking others to help me come up with a name I realized how much the sound of your name matters, and can give people an idea about what u look like ect with out even seeing you.

Most the boys were giving me hooker / stripper names like cany, bambi, ect. I was explaining to them that a sex phone opperator name has to be sentual, sexy, exotic, you have to hear the name and want to get naked with that person. A sex opperator should say her name and it should give you the vison of the ultimate woman. Unfortunitaly she is probally 300lb and hasnt showered in a week, but her name says other wise. Sadly Brittany is not one of thoes names. It has to be a name that sounds like it could be a real name, only strippers and brad pitts kids have names like bambi.

Needless to say we never found a good name, well actually I had found a good name on a paint chip sample at home depo. But after a bottle of wine and painting my patio until midnight I forgot. I would love some input!!

HAHA as a side note...while searching for some images for I blog I found a ton of work from home sex opperator job....I am thinking YES!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things I love

I have noticed in my life and a lot of my friends life there is a lot of negative going around, I think it is time for some positive!
I have written enough blogs about things I hate that it is time to write one about things I love. Theis things are the weird and quirky things that I love. It is the simple things in life that make me smile and can change my mood around.

1. The smell of lime or lemon on my fingers after squeezing one into water....or beer. If you ever go out to eat with me and I order anything that requires me to squeeze a lime or lemon you can bet I will be sniffing my fingers the rest the night. Some of my friends are so sweet that they let me sniff their fingers.....ok thats

2. Thunder storms at night in the spring and summer. During the day thunder storms are ehhhh ok, but at night. When everything is dark and then there is a big flash of lighting, and loud thunder, and pouring rain. I prefer spring and summer because I can have my windows open.The smell of rain in the summer is so refreshing. I am sure somewhere in the back of my head I am one of those people who wants to have crazy passionate "relations" lol during a thunder storm.

3. Monarch butterflies they are so graceful and beautiful. We get them on our back patio a lot, and I love watching them fly. One day we found on that had just come out of its cocoon it was so neat, to get to hold it.

Ok that's my list for now...I have more but I have three kiddos who want some lunch.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things I hate #3

This is list number three of things I hate...Hopefully it will be the last list. If you missed number one and two, I feel bad for you, but luck for you I will post the link right here

So I only have a couple thing that I hate and will hate the rest of my life....I am starting to feel like I have a lot of things I hate. Hopefully my list of things I love is just as long.

1. Cold Chicken...There is nothing worse than cold chicken. Who eats cold chicken?? Not me. When ever we go to a restaurant and I order a salad I have to ask if the chicken comes warm. Today I was so surprised and happy, at lunch I found out Chick-fil-a actually has a salad with warm chicken. It is the chicken strip salad!! YIPPEE!!!

2. I hate warm lunch meat. Lady at subway "would u like that toasted"? Me "would you like me to barf"? When you heat lunch meat it get this weird slimy coating and it make me gag.....just thinking about it is making me want to vomit. Here is the craziest part of it all....I hate cold chicken, but I hate warm lunch meat....isn't it all the same?? I know I am a weirdo!

3. Roses@---- Dumbest fing flower on the planet!!! Why would you buy someone a flower that will make them bleed? Have you ever tried to prune roses? SO DUMB!! We had rose bushes at our house when we first moved in and I tried once for 2 seconds to prune them and take care of them. It took one prick from the thorn and I was chaining the bushes to an ATV and ripping them out of the ground! All you men out there, don't buy me roses... because I know there are so many of you out there dieing to buy me flowers, i thought you could use a hint!

Thank you for enjoying the list of things I hate. i am not a picky person, there are just a few things in life I will never understand or enjoy, the above being some of them.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Everthing I hate Facebook edition

We were have it everything I hate about Facebook, read it, love it, and remember it bc I WILL black list you!!!! Ok only kidding!

1. Requests to give you pigs, cows, coins, and other crap for you lame games...I do not play farmwhatever, I have a life. not that you dont, but maybe you need other extra-curricular activities. Like under water basket weaving, or model car building. If you haven't noticed your farm is not real and you cow will not die if I don't give you corn. STOP ASKING, it will never happen.

2. People who make post about other people, or about having a bad day, but they don't elaborate. If you say you are having a bad day or need prayers but wont tell why really annoys me. If you post this, it is no longer personal and you get 30 some posts asking what is wrong. What you really need is attention, stripper get lots of attention, just a thought.....
If you wanna talk about someone talk to them, don't make underhanded posts about people. This creates drama, but for thoes of you who feed on drama this is perfect! Keep it up!!!

3. Post that ask me to like in 2 seconds if I remember that movie, or love god, or hate cancer, or don't want to go to hell, or say they are donating money for every like. This drives me insane. Why do I have 2 seconds, like anyone one knows if it took you longer than two seconds. I am picturing all theis crazy people clicking like as fast as they can..Like oh I know that move hurry click like, yes 1 1/2 seconds I win!!!!! No one knows. Also, NO ONE is donating money to ANYTHING bc you like a post. I hate to burst your bubble but it just isnt happening. If you truly think it is happening then you have probably sent money to Nigeria and are waiting on your million dollar return. Heck if you are that gullible, you can send me money for every dollar you send me I will donate it to the save brittany from going crazy fund( I will be buying wine with it)..

I enjoy facebook to keep up with family and spy on I just hate a lot of it too!!